SMS Training


  • Moodle LMS with Captivate SCORM training installed
  • Create numerous forums, Memo's, Maintenance, Safety meetings for interactive discussions
  • Build pools of random questions, so every quiz is different
  • Enrol employees

  • Security

  • SSL 256 bit encryption
  • Uses form tokens the same as banking institutions
  • Dual hard drive to prevent data loss
  • If your training is in the following formats we can set it up to record and track

    We can embed simple files that when viewed will be recorded in the training software such as;

  • A pdf file
  • Word or text file
  • PowerPoint slides
  • YouTube or other videos
  • Web pages

  • There may be a problem with proprietary training

    These training programs are owned by a third party and might be too generic to capture the culture of a companies workplace environment. Sometimes up to half of their training is not applicable, or may be missing elements of a companies operations.


    Training should reflect unique events and experience

    When we track events they often display an employee's unique experience. That experience is than added to the training programs, improving employee skill and knowledge.

    SMS is based on the idea that you can always find better ways to prevent hazards, so the system will always be changing.

    We have the following templates:

    All Template Courses
    Airborne & Bloodborne Pathogens Alcohol & Drugs ATV Training Basic Emergency Response
    Bear Awareness Crew Resource Management Electric Refueling External Load
    Eye & Ear Protection Fire Extinguisher Flight Watch H2S Awareness
    Human Performance Factors Low Visibility Maintenance Control Management Mountain Flight
    Surface Contamination Survival TDG by Road Safety Management System
    Water Buckets & Wildfires WHMIS Workplace Harassment & Violence and many more

    View a live demo from our sample courses