SMS Tracking


  • Numerous graphs to interpret trend information
  • Search engine and tooltips
  • Risk matrix and color coded hazard risk
  • Set-up departments and groups
  • Allows assignment to individuals within each department
  • Gives e-mail feedback between the person who sent in the report and SMS manager(s) or delegate
  • Re-open reports for long term follow up action
  • Security

  • SSL 256 bit encryption
  • Uses form tokens the same as banking institutions
  • Dual hard drive to prevent data loss
  • Allows company administrator to download a backup of database records to their desktop
  • Trends

    We build charts to show categories within the SMS such as Type of event, Incidents/accidents and System errors; these are further broken down into even smaller sub-categories. This gives us a statistical view to help us analyze trends within the system. Those sub-categories occurring in the highest percentages will be our first priority. In the category chart System errors we can see that the sub-category Poor hazard recognition shows up in 10.5% of all Safety Reports.

    We may ask ourselves why has this occurred? A hypothesis might be that a highly experienced employee will pass their knowledge of hazards over to co-workers; however if the majority of your staff have just a few years of experience this can be a problem. This is just one example of interpreting the data.

    Other examples

    In the chart category Type of event we can see the see sub-categories of Accident, Incidents, Near misses combined surpasses the Hazard safety reports. Why are employees not sending in Hazard reports? If the Monthly charts total drop from a healthy communication level, down to non-existent, we must ask ourselves why has this occurred? In the chart Continuous improvement if we see a great difference in report communication level between departments, we may ask ourselves why? If there is great difference addressing safety reports between departments could it be that one department is understaffed? There are many ways to interpret these charts that find underlying problems within the system.

    Demo videos; the rotary wing version